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Beyond Diversity Inclusiveness In The Legal Workplace

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Inclusiveness Collaboratory

Get recognition for your successful, innovative inclusiveness strategies.

Call for Submissions: Deadline August 1, 2012

The Center for Legal Inclusiveness is creating a legal Inclusiveness Collaboratory. This new resource will spotlight legal organizations and leaders taking bold steps and making genuine change for long-term diversity goals through inclusiveness initiatives.
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1. Collaboration + Laboratory

2. A center of innovation to learn about strategies that work

CLI is collecting submissions by topic area and highlighting the most innovative inclusiveness strategies in CLI’s inclusiveness manual Beyond Diversity: Inclusiveness in the Legal Workplace©, the inclusiveness manual website, and other CLI promotions and materials. The Inclusiveness Collaboratory will be another CLI education resource for legal organizations seeking information about real solutions and innovations that work

Make a Submission
Use our online form to submit your information by August 1, 2012

  • All submissions include a statement (300 words) summarizing the Inclusiveness strategy or solution including:
    • A description of the activity (see categories below)
    • A statement about how the activity is measured
  • Re Submissions:The Center for Legal Inclusiveness is looking for authenticity and innovation not marketing prowess. CLI will review preliminary submissions and, if necessary, solicit additional information about your inclusiveness initiative. By providing a submission, you grant CLI the right to republish and use the information in its inclusiveness manual and other educational/promotional materials, in part or whole, without CLI seeking additional consent.

Information:  Contact Andrea Juarez, CLI Communications Director at or 303-607-3870.


Inclusiveness Activities
(You can submit descriptions of efforts addressing any of the following topics):

Work Assignment Systems
Inclusiveness is about developing
all attorneys. Research shows senior attorneys tend to favor those most like themselves when assigning work. CLI is looking for the exceptions – legal organizations bold enough to implement a work assignment system to ensure all attorneys receive assignments, on an equitable basis, which are meaningful and help them develop skills necessary for advancement.

According to national research studies, female, racially/ethnically diverse, and LGBT attorneys are frequently (but mostly unintentionally) excluded from career-enhancing opportunities such as assignment of mentors. Even more importantly, they are far less likely to have sponsors – influential attorneys who expend their personal capital to ensure their protégé’s success. CLI is looking for examples of successful and
meaningful mentor/sponsor programs helping diverse and female attorneys advance and succeed

Job Duties & Responsibilities Including Diversity & Inclusiveness
In a fully inclusive organization, every person has diversity and inclusiveness built into their job duties and responsibilities. Further, diversity and inclusiveness are included in attorney evaluations and compensation considerations. CLI wants to hear how attorneys in your organization are expected to engage in measurable diversity and inclusiveness action items or activities and how they are held accountable through annual evaluation and/or compensation review.

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