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Beyond Diversity Inclusiveness In The Legal Workplace

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The Inclusiveness Manual

CLI's Inclusiveness Manual - Beyond Diversity: Inclusiveness in the Legal Workplace is the only "how-to" guide for the legal industry with step-by-step instructions on how to create an inclusive workplace to better retain and advance diverse and female attorneys. It is the product of collaboration between the Center for Legal Inclusiveness and Dr. Arin Reeves, President of Nextions LLC, a leading national expert on leadership and inclusiveness.

"We believe CLI's inclusiveness program will help us take our diversity efforts to the next level
by ensuring that we are doing our best to develop and retain our talented attorneys and professional staff."

- Jeff Gearhart, Walmart Stores General Counsel, June 2011

“Superb” and “one of the most impressive resources available . . .
Throughout, the manual is detailed, specific, and abounding in forms and
in examples of what law firms are doing.”
- NALP, April 2010

What's covered in the Inclusiveness Manual?

Introduction (Review the free preview of the Introduction)

  • Learn why inclusiveness is the key to the diversity dilemma in the legal profession
  • Understand the difference between diversity and inclusiveness and why traditional diversity efforts in the legal profession have failed
  • Assess the level of inclusiveness of your organization and what steps are needed to make further progress
  • Learn about the current state of diversity in the legal profession and how the diversity crisis will continue to get worse
  • Find out about other sectors and industries that have embraced the new paradigm of inclusiveness

Step 1: Laying the Internal Foundation

  • Step up your diversity efforts with an inclusiveness initiative
  • Help leaders change the status quo
  • Learn practical ways to engage white men
  • Discover the strategic considerations in forming an inclusiveness committee as opposed to a traditional diversity committee
  • Identify ways to avoid apathy and inertia, which can kill any initiative before it begins

Step 2: Creating an External Support System

  • Find external partners who can provide compelling accountability
  • Expand your resources and knowledge with consultants and trainers
  • Strengthen ties to outside organizations

Step 3: Integrating Inclusiveness within your Organization

  • Know why diversity and inclusiveness are important
  • Examine your organizational culture
  • Learn why attrition rates for diverse attorneys higher
  • Identify ways hidden barriers operate to marginalize diverse attorneys
  • Create methods to remove those hidden barriers
  • Understand what training will work
  • Start diversity dialogues
  • Combat diversity fatigue

Step 4: Integrating Inclusiveness into External Relationships

  • Learn how your organization should present itself with respect to diversity and inclusiveness on the web and with clients
  • Integrate inclusiveness into your organization's marketing, recruiting, hiring, and community involvement

Step 5: Implementation

  • Learn how to create an effective inclusiveness action plan for your organization
  • Implement accountability measures that will sustain the initiative
  • Measure the success of the goals you set
  • Evaluate progress against the AIM for Excellence benchmarks

Step 6: Collective Effort and Success: The Inclusiveness Network

  • Shorten your learning curve by following the examples of legal organizations engaged in inclusiveness initiatives
  • Join with others engaged in this work to share experiences - challenges as well as successes

Inclusive Excellence in Law Schools

Law schools are workplaces that can become more inclusive. Inclusiveness should be embedded in curriculum, admissions, alumni relations, clinical programs, faculty, career development, and student programming to advance learning.


  • Exercises for hands-on analysis and learning
  • Comprehensive composite lists of best practices
  • New model for inclusive excellence in recruiting
  • Sample surveys
  • Sample inclusiveness action plans
  • Comprehensive list of resources

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Inclusiveness Manual
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